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        Join us

        We are looking for passionate individuals with a pioneering spirit to join the Saurer team. Help us to power our customers’ creation.

        Our opportunities
        We're looking for
        ambitious people
        like you.
        To our vacancies
        Clement Woon


        Dear candidate,
        Thank you for considering Saurer as your future employer. We are passionate about seeing the textile sector from the customer’s perspective, providing solutions for any challenges they may face. The textile machinery industry needs an upgrade with modern technologies such as digitisation, automation and artificial intelligence. We are committed to this journey and to creating the right environment that powers our customers’ innovation.
        We are proud to offer a dynamic and multi-faceted work environment. You will also have the opportunity to grow in an international company to convert possibilities into realities.
        I look forward to welcoming you on our team! 
        Clement Woon

        Why Saurer

        As a global technology leader, we offer our employees a range of benefits. We are passionate about developing our employees' careers and helping them reach their goals.

        What we offer

        A great work-life balance and a competitive package await you.

        More information

        Core values

        Our five core values guide and unify us.

        More information


        We foster the professional growth of our employees.

        More information
        Man in interview with two women

        Meet our people

        What does it mean to work for Saurer? We invite you to see for yourself in the video below.

        Hazel Cheng
        “Shared core values and passion for excellence bring people together at Saurer. We focus on building on your strengths, unleashing your potential, catalysing your personal development, so that both individual and company grow together. 'Leaders develop the leaders' is our motto.“
        Hazel Cheng
        Hazel Cheng

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